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Church Events
Fantasy Auction

This special event is held twice a year, generally in spring and fall.

It is an important fundraiser for the church, combined with a sense of fun & friendship!

Bidding is fierce and friendly. A new member? Let us gift you with free auction 'bucks' to get you started.
Free catered meal is offered to all who attend! Babysitting is available to participants and everyone is welcome.

We need you! You can participate by
offering a party, (family-friendly activities are appreciated), sports or concert tickets,
a service, an item for the *Chinese Auction*, etc. Many events can be created collaboratively and offered on the church property. 
(Don’t forget about our nature conservancy “backyard”)
We definitely love your imaginative offerings!
  • Live auction: Offers of social events, theme parties, holiday parties, special dinners, picnics, workshops, presentations, services, guest speakers, travelogues, experiences, classes, movies, gift certificates, outdoor activities, board games, casino night. More? You bet --  sleepovers, goodies & higher priced items. Gatherings can be elaborate or as simple as wine, hors d’oeuvres & conversation. Utilize businesses, events or services already in place such as Shakespeare in the Park, theatres, Chautauqua, a drive in, putt-putt, wine tours or create something around a charity event. Your imagination is what makes it all special!  Contributions by local businesses are also appreciated.
  • Silent auction: Bring special, unique items for people to bid on.
  • Chinese Auction Gift Baskets: Create a theme basket - tickets are sold, choose a basket you'd like to win and a ticket is drawn for the winner.


Forms to make an auction offering can be obtained from the office and returned to the Fantasy Auction mail slot.

Questions or suggestions contact Kimberly at 633-1959, email at 
kimberlyannkent or leave message in FA mailbox.



Need some ideas?
Here are some items that have been offered during the past:

a jewelry making class, family picnic,
Darwin Martin House tour, yoga, family pool party,
vegetarian Indian dinner, yardwork, dinner together, guided hiking,
babysitting, fine desserts and much more!

Please let the church office know if you have the interest in becoming a part of this very important church fundraising event.

You might volunteer to help with any of the Auction details: decoration, registration, bid recording, cashiering, set-up, clean-up, serving food, bringing a dessert, etc.

This is a wonderful way to get acquainted. Jump right in, it's always fun!






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