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Green Sanctuary Progress: The earth is our home. We are part of this world and its destiny is our own. The Green Sanctuary program provides a framework for congregational study and reflection, plus individual and collective action. Although people sometimes disagree on specific enviromental issues,they virtually all accept the call to action that affirms our seventh principle in which we "promote respect for the independent web of all existence of which we are a part."

On Sunday, June 7, we brought a resolution to the congregation along with a report on 2008-09 activities.

The U.U. Church of Amherst received official accreditation as a Green Sanctuary in August 2009. Robin Nelson, of the UUA Congregation Stewardship Services, writes to inform us that our Green Sanctuary accreditation application has been received and accepted. Formal recognition of our accomplishment – a certificate of accreditation – will arrive shortly.

Congratulations and gratitude to all those who helped us accomplish this important goal.  Carol Wells, Chair, & Pat Burke, Co-Chair, Green Sanctuary Comm.

The Green Sanctuary Committee posts information
on green activities in WNY on the Green Sanctuary bulletin board in the entrance lobby. Activities include conferences, opportunities to volunteer, and wonderful recreational activities for adults and children. Check it out.


**** The UUCA Energy Audit was conducted in 2004. This detailed report can be read here:
Energy Audit.
Please take the time to read this document.
The Green Sanctuary Committee will be holding a workshop on Sat., September 24 to discuss taking further action based on this report.




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