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THE FOREWORD - July 2015 Newsletter

 (Part One:  Spiritual --- listing Sunday worship activities, religious education for all ages & Notes from the Minister, or visit our entire June newsletter)

Upcoming Sundays:  Services at 10:30 am 


Note on Schedule.  Our retiring minister, Rev. Art will be on vacation during the month of July and our new minister, Rev. Michelle Buhite will be in the pulpit on Sunday August 16th. During this time, members of our congregation (who were trained in a work- shop called “Preaching By Parishioners”) will lead worship and preach. 


July 5 - Them's Fightin' Word's 

       “Them’s Fightin’ Words” by Jerry Kent. A Crusader, a Jihadist and a Unitarian walk into a bar....




June 14 - IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) - Annual Congregational Meeting. Rev. Art Severance.

     Yes, some of our opinions are more humble than others, but that’s just my opinion! We often ask, “what REALLY happened?” Yet, even eyewitnesses have differentviews depending on where they are standing.


June 21 - Forgiving the Past, Working Toward a Future Flower Communion Sunday. Rev. Art Severance.

     Father’s Day Flower communion, and the last Sunday of the regular church year. I want to talk about the importance of forgiveness - of both others and ourselves.


June 28 - Commencement:  The Summing Up Rev. Art Severance.

     Yes, we’re all graduating! We’re all in a transition. There will be leave-taking, maybe even some last words of wisdom but always words of wit.



     Because sometimes the very lighting of a special candle can be healing, during the quiet time after Joys and Concerns have been read, people may come forward silently and light a candle, then return to their seats. We have moved the candle stand for easier access, and also so it doesn't interfere with the children coming forward for the story.

     If you want to share a joy or sorrow with the congregation, arrive early Sunday morning before the service. Visit the table in the foyer next to the Welcome Desk and fill out the appropriate card - yellow for a Joy; blue for a Sorrow. During the service, the cards will be read by a member of the Caring for One Another committee and a candle will be lit for each.



 A Note about Applause
I have found that applause in church is problematic; some people dislike it strongly because they feel it breaks the "mood of worship" and makes it seem like a performance. It raises issues like the mixed feelings when only a few people applaud, or makes one wonder 'Should you applaud after ALL music?' I think that there are times when spontaneous applause must be expressed, but it should be done sparingly. Worship is not a performance which requires or expects applause, AND it bothers some people. If you knew that by clapping you were hurting the worship experience of someone else, would you still do it? 
~Rev. Art


If you are unable to attend church, or would like to hear a particular sermon again, there is a good chance you can find it on the UUCA website. Go to the "sermons" tab under "Worship & Ministry" on the left side of the page in the Main Menu - or click here. ~Joe Rautenstrauch


If you are eager to consider religious questions with others who
are not always certain they have all the answers, but who are determined to keep searching with an open mind, and acceptance of other peoples' beliefs....

If you are looking for a religious community in which to seek spiritual growth...

If you would like the fellowship of others for celebration and worship, discussion and education, friendship and mutual support...

If you want children to be helped to develop their own religious beliefs...
If you wish to preserve and extend the traditions of personal freedom and human dignity against the dangers they face today, you may find this church fills your spiritual and human needs.

If you wish to know more about us as you consider membership, talk to our minister.



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