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Faith in Action
self-help groups

he Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst is pleased to offer meeting room space to many outside groups including self-help groups: 



Our lovely chapel, banquet room, extensive meeting rooms and church grounds have played host to many events, including corporate & personal celebrations.


You'll find a large, modern kitchen with convenient driveway access to make loading in and out easy.
In the summer, the patio and nearby gardens enhance your connection with the outdoors. Children especially appreciate the opportunity to 
enjoy the grounds!


Should you wish to arrange a private ceremony, you are welcome to utilize your own minister or to ask our ministers to assist you. We are honored to welcome all  families and individuals who are in need of a chapel for memorial services, committment ceremonies, weddings and dedications.


For space availability and fees, please contact our main office at 634-3010, Monday through Friday or email the office at church administrator.




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