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Spiritual Exploration & Education
what religion am I?

As we grow and search for personal meaning, our beliefs may change. We may find that the faith we grew up in no longer matches with our personal beliefs. How can you figure out where your fellow seekers might be?

Do you find yourself in agreement with our Principles?

This is a link to a fascinating test which will evaluate how your current beliefs match those of many world religions. Click on, explore and enjoy!


Hey, what religion am I? - Fun Test


Find us and ye shall Seek.
If you're searching for a spiritual home
where questions are as welcome as answers, find us.

We are a loving, open-minded religious community
that is guided not by a set creed or dogma
but by a free and responsible quest for truth and meaning in our lives.
There is a religion that welcomes your search.
Discover Unitarian Universalism.

Over 1,000 congregations nationwide --
we invite you to join us.

Nurture your Spirit. Help heal our world.


 The New U.U. (Unitarian Universalist) a two-session orientation program for newcomers and any one else who might be interested. The purpose of the program is to help new people become part of our church community, intellectually, socially, and personally.

New UU addresses this purpose in three ways. Participants will:

  • Create a time line of religious turning points in their lives and share these narratives with others in the New UU group. This is a great way to begin new friendships and see how much we have in common in our religious journeys.

  • Explore Unitarian Universalism by looking at the local church and the larger movement.
  • Identify and talk about important issues such as theological position, approach to tradition, the tension between intellect and feeling, and the importance of money, involvement and volunteering.

 Please check our newsletter to confirm dates and do let us know your schedule preferences.  Hella Jacob, Director of Membership Services



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